Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So, MTV have created a safe sex ad campaign...wait, what? With all those pimps and hoes, droppin' it like it's hot, getting nasty, shaking their junk, on our telly box? You wouldn't normally associate MTV and safe sex, in fact, I'd say drunken promiscuity with rappers is more their bag, baby.

I actually get quite distressed about my own body image whilst watching MTV, what with all the oiled up, big-bootied, tiny-waisted, long-haired, sex ba bombs in music videos. But with their latest 'sex is no accident, use a condom' campaign', it seems MTV are trying to reinvent themselves (mildly) to focus on more pressing issues than how extravagant is your crib, or how many hoes you can fit into a three minute music video...

Regardless of the motive, they're pretty damn funny. If this happened in real life, I'm sure people would enjoy falling over in public more. Brought to you by Grey advertising, here are life's little sexidents: