Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Review: Rebel Nail wraps

I'm a sucker for cute nails. But I can't be arsed with undercoats, three layers of polish, over coat, diamant├ęs, nail art pens, and then the excruciating hours of waiting for it all to dry. I've tried those quick dry polishes, I've tried those top coat fast-drying sprays. They. do. not. work.

So, when I was sent some Nail Rock samples, I was converted. Never have I loved doing my nails so much. They're easy to apply, great designs, much quicker, and much more fun than watching paint dry. Literally.

Nothing could top Nail Rock. Or could it? Well, even I was wrong ladies and gents. Nail Rock has been topped/trumped/ousted/dumped.

I'm talking specifically about the product, of course. Nail Rock has a lot going for it, the photographs are miles better (the Rebel Nail images are not even real photos.. they're just ghastly), for the most part they're cheaper (which is a significant factor.. £6.65 v £7.99. However, some Rebel Nail designs are only £5.99), the designs are on-trend, and the website is much easier to navigate and more stylish.

But the actual nail wraps and all associated products by Rebel Nails are better. Here are four reasons why:

1) Rebel Nails offer additional products to help you to apply their nail wraps.. I was given the hoof stick (only £1.50), and Rebel Nail file. The nail file is simply amazing and only £1.50. When I've applied nail wraps before, I've tried out three different nail files (two crystal and one ordinary), and all have torn the wrap slightly without creating a truly flush and smooth finish.

But the Rebel Nail file is developed specifically for nail wraps, with a rough side (to file off the excess) and a smooth side (to finish off). But trust me, whichever nail wrap brand you choose to go for, the Rebel Nail file is a must.

2) Rebel Nails have even more designs than Nail Rock. Admittedly, not all of them are nice, but many of them are.. and there are tons to choose from so you're bound to see one you like.. I chose these neon yellow because I was feeling bold, and my nails aren't very long at the moment (I'm still kicking the filthy nail-biting habit..) so I didn't want to waste a gorgeous patterned design on my stumpy nails...

3) Each pack of Rebel Nails come with a see-through guide, so you can see which nail wrap will fit your nail exactly.. When I've been applying other nail wraps, there have been a few times when the wrap hasn't fully covered my nail bed because I've just guessed which is the best. From a distance, it's not too much of an issue, but if you're sat at a desk all day like I am, you tend to notice these things...

4) But the best thing about Rebel Nail wraps is that they're thinner than any others I've tried. Which means they react quicker and more effectively to the heat (so they are more secure), and they don't peel. I'll say it again. They don't peeeeeel. And if they aren't lifting up at the edges then you're more likely to resist the urge to peeeeel them off yourself... Meaning they'll last much longer!

So, here are the finished results... what do you reckon? It's a much smoother finish than nail polish and it takes less time than waiting around for layers of varnish to dry! So, have you tried nail wraps? Which are your favourite brands and designs? If you'd like to try out my crazy neon yellow nails, then get yours for only £5.99..