Monday, 27 February 2012

London Fashion Weekend

Another fantastic London Fashion Weekend. Another day full of lush freebies and shopping (Although I had to keep hiding my 'cunt' necklace from innocent kids on their family day out).

Thanks to ShopStyle for our tickets :-)

Lovely Capital FM peeps gave us Veet freebies for being shit at pop knowledge

Yeah, I totes look at home on a pink moped

Free 'eeerrrbal tea

Cute men in top hats and tuxes

The highlight of my day was definitely the talk with Hilary Alexander and Piers Atkinson.

Piers is a milliner to the stars - Lady Gaga and Rihanna to name a few, and his hats are completely mental. I'll do a proper post on his weird and wonderful creations later this week.

But I got to meet one of my fashion heroes - Hilary Alexander! I was so ruddy nervous that I blurted out: "you're much shorter than I thought you'd be!" She just laughed and said "sorry!" It was so cringe I can't believe I even admitted it to you.

Anyway, awesome day. And I didn't buy a thing. Which is great cos I'm totes saving for a ski holibob.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

blogger wars

The fashion industry is notoriously difficult. Jealousy, envy, bitchiness – cross the wrong person and you’re out. When I first started blogging (and I’m sure the main reason that most of us started) the blogging community was welcoming and nurturing. I felt like I could have a slice of fashion industry pie, and share my opinions in a forum that was less bitchy, cut-throat and intimidating than the *real thing*.

But we seem to have forgotten why we started.

Now it’s all about me, me, ME. It’s not about the fashion or the beauty. It’s about getting famous. Becoming a pro-blogger. Getting freebies or event invites. Increasing your stats. Outdoing one another. Impressing the people you think you should, and trampling on those you don’t.

How do I know this?

I’ve seen it.

I’ve seen “bigger” bloggers lash out at new-starters. I’ve seen newbies with a severe sense of entitlement and the pro-bloggers who’ve chastised them. I’ve seen bloggers thrilled about their blogging/magazine award, and the bitter anonymous comments that followed. I’ve seen bloggers berate those who love London Fashion Week. Newbies who ask “where’s my free stuff?”. Furious accusations of plagiarism. Bloggers who swear and insult each other on twitter. Bloggers who voice their opinion on their own blog and receive hate mail for it.

Hate mail. From blogger to blogger.

It’s totally absurd.

We used to blog because we love. But it seems to me that we’ve lost sight of that recently. And I know this might come across as "holier than thou" - it's not supposed to. Sure, I get jealous of other bloggers' extravagant designer freebies or their indulgent party invites - but it's what you do with that envy. Do you allow it to seep, passive aggressively, into a tweet? Or do you use it to fuel your dedication and ambition?

I hope us bloggers redeem ourselves before it’s too late. We all already know that PRs find so many bloggers difficult to work and forge relationships with. Can we really blame them? Who wants to shoe-horn themselves into a clique of uppity pro-bloggers? Who wants to approach people who are notoriously difficult to work with? Who wants to work with someone who has an air of entitlement or self-importance? Who wants to work with a community of people who turn on themselves?

It’s completely preposterous.

So I beg of you, Bloggers. Let’s sort this out. For your sake, for Bloggers’ sake, for fuck sake.

Friday, 17 February 2012

fuck music

When it comes to sex there can be a whole host of variables to take into consideration well before the hubba hubba can begin.

Lights on? Dimmer switch? Silk scarf draped creatively across a lamp? Socks on? Socks off? 


But what to play.... Don't wanna creep him our with Barry White. Don't wanna confuse her with Tenacious D. Certainly don't wanna put her off with Lily Allen's 'Not Big'.

Well all of your prayers have been answered with Fuck Music FM.

Choose from carefully crafted playlists, including 'Strip', 'Sweet Lovin', and 'After Shagging'. And there you go, one less thing to worry about when planning your strip-tease/love-making-sesh/post-coital-cuddles. Just choose a playlist and off you hump.

Think you know an even better song to fuck to? Then recommend it here. It'd be rude not to.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

MUA cosmetics Lovehearts launch

Guess where I've been.

Think sugar overload and makeup so delicious-looking that you want to eat it.

Yup, I've been at the MUA Cosmetics Loveheart launch.

The event was fantastic. It was held at The Piccadilly Institute (one of my fav places in London), there were sweets, cupcakes and macaroons EVERYWHERE, fruity cocktails, manicurists and a raffle (didn't win - ggrrr).

And all to celebrate the new launch of MUA cosmetics' collaboration with Lovehearts - the sweetest make-up range of the season.

Think yummy, creamy pastels and you're there. But what makes these so special? I'll be honest - the price. £2 (in most Superdrug stores) for their scrummy lip balms and nail polishes - a complete bargain.

But I needn't have worried about all that because I got the most amazing goody bag with 20, yes, 20 lovely MUA products inside, and lots of Lovehearts too. It really got me in the mood for Valentine's Day, and I'll be giving a few lucky friends some of these lush products...

Sharing the love, that's what it's all about.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! x


I love a good lipstick and I love a good blogger soiree. So my invite to the ZOMG! Bloggers Bash was accompanied with a little excited squeal. Mostly because I'm so thrilled for Zoe (blogger at The London Lipgloss) who got to collaborate with ReeRee Rockette and Rockalily to create her very own lippie.

It's called ZOMG! (get it? Zoe. OMG. ZOMG!), and is a lovely, creamy, matte fuchsia which I totally fell in love with. You can see it on me in the below photo (which also features my lovely friend and blogger Laura)

There was a brilliant turn out - with tons of beauty and fashion bloggers from all over the UK. I arrived with Saima (LDN Shopaholic) and we quickly met up with other bloggers we know, Sarah, Elle and Safira.

The venue was beautiful - chandeliers, a grand staircase, lots of places to sit and chat. But there was so much to do: a greeting-card making table, a place to try on the most amazing (and cheap) wigs, a photo shoot area, and a DIY cupcake stand.

I, of course, headed straight for the cupcakes. I covered mine with icing and when they said to me 'as many toppings as you like' I certainly didn't hold back. It was like happiness and hysteria had made a baby and the placenta had exploded onto my cup cake. YUM.

After I stuffed that in my face I headed for the wigs. I've been looking for a good quality, cheap wig for ages now. And these ones were brilliant - they were on the right side of glossy, light, comfortable and convincing (soz for shit pictorial).

Then there were two performances. The first, a fun and original skit by Rubyyy Jones which involved stripping in front of a fictional web cam and an incredible burlesque performance by Miss Banbury Cross.

I have to say, she is probably the most perfect woman I've ever seen. She descended the staircase in an elaborate costume of crystals and feathers, before her impressive champagne show.

We had a seriously wonderful time :) So thanks for the invite, Zoe and Ree!