Sunday, 29 July 2012

Interview: with a foot fetishist

Here it is, my interview with an anonymous foot fetishist. Why am I interviewing people with fetishes? Here's why. And if you'd like to be featured, just drop me an email at

So, what is it that turns you on about feet?

They're a great addition to a woman's attractiveness. I find pretty toes very sexy, especially painted. I like them in heels or bare foot, but heels obviously show them off and lots of women love heels so they go hand in hand!

What's your favourite aspect of the foot? Is it the toes, the nails, the arch?

Feet are really different - you can always tell a woman who looks after herself, especially in summer. But I like painted nails, and toes that are close together.

(photo from Sexy Feet Tumblr)

What's your favourite toe-nail colour and why?

Wow, hard one to answer. I like black, coral and classic red. Summer - bright colours, winter - dark. But a good paint job doesn't really matter, and if I'm in a certain mood, chipped can be very hot - for a kind of rough-style play.

What's your greatest foot fantasy?

I love the idea of a stranger teasing me on a train with ther feet under the table, red toes, heel on one shoe and off the other.

What is it exactly that you like to do with feet?

I like to look at them, touch them, massage them. But you can't just go at them, and nor would I want to. I like to take time with them during foreplay - foot rubs, suck toes...

I love to use them during sex - if I'm inside my partner, sucking her toes, holding them, and really knowing I have them near - that really me turns me on. I also like to suck her toes if we're having sex and she's in the L position. Or if we're doing doggie - and she's flexible - I'll hold her feet up towards her arse. Holding them and seeing them is great, but the sex is what I am concentrating on.

And is there anything you'd like to do with feet that you haven't already done?

I'd love to meet a woman who had a really big foot fetish too - that would be so hot. I haven't had more than one pair of feet at one time but that's a different story....

How long have you felt this way about feet?

Since I can remember, probably 13 or 14 years old.

Where do you think your fetish came from? Did you see a particularly sexy foot at a young age?

I don't really know, I remember thinking I liked feet and thought it was odd - so I googled it and did a bit of research. Apparently Freud had some interesting theories on babies being played with when they were children by female feet. But I don't know. I think they are a very attractive part of the body on women, and women love to play their feet up - pedicures, nice shoes, etc. It's kind of in your face a lot - which is great because it's a subtle way to check out a girl too!

(Photo from Just Some Sex Tumblr - amazing site by the way...)

When was your first experience exploring your fetish?

I was about 15 or 16, and my girlfriend at the time gave me a foot job. She rubbed my cock with her feet but I didn't come over them. I remember always wanting to hold and massage my ex's feet - although that wasn't overly sexual.

Some people can be weird about their feet, has anyone ever flat-out said 'no' without even trying it?

Oh yes, ex-girlfriends have been hit or miss - some loved it and some hated it. It's frustrating if it's a 100% 'no go area' because I'm very open, sexually, so I'd try something they wanted to. It's not like it's a one-night stand - someone who you can forget about - feet are part of my sexual interests, and I love to please my partner, so it's tough if it's a 'no' right away.

Did that make you feel weird or embarrassed about your fetish?

I think I still live a bit of a double life really - I didn't feel normal when I was a teen, that's for sure. But as I've grown up I realise it's just another thing that I like sexually, and I'm meeting more and more people who are also into it, so it's much less an issue now. I guess I still think I'm a bit different, but I'm OK with that.

Is foot/high heel porn readily available? Got any recommendations for budding foot fetishists?

Yeah there are LOADS. Try YouPorn, XHamster, all the main sites, just search 'feet', or 'foot'. There are also lots of Tumblr sites - or

Do you have a size preference?

Not really, depends on what they look like really.

Are flats out of the question?

Not at all, sandals are very hot - ideally open toed! I remember caged sandals were huge a few years ago which I liked, and I love a good paint job and flip flops. That's very sexy.

What's your favourite shoe?

High heels, open-toed, Louboutins are great - and keep them on ideally! But I have a soft spot for flip flops, Havianas - they're classic and pretty.

What's your least favourite shoe?

Anything really dull. Not because they don't show feet but because - come on!

(photo from Show Your Feets)

Would it turn you off or on if their feet smell?

Not really, generally it's never that bad.

Does your fetish ever overwhelm you in public? Have you ever had to rush off for a wank?

Not really any more... Sometimes I'll think about them all day, and as soon as I get home have a huge wank. In summer it can be overwhelming...

What do you look for in a girl? Are feet your number one consideration?

I have been out with a few women who loved it, and a few who hated it. None worked out but not because of their feet. Most importantly, they must have a personality I get on with, A LOT, but ideally they would love foot massages, pretty shoes, and painting their toe-nails. There's a theory that women who are in love with shoes have a subconscious foot fetish too - but maybe that is jut wishful thinking!

But all in all, feet are just a great addition for me, but it's like a restaurant at a theme park - lovely, and a great thing to enjoy on its own, but you still want to have a go on the roller-coaster!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


What turns you on more than anything?

Is it having a girl's long fingernails digging deep into your back when you fuck her? Is it the thought of a man, pinning you down and biting your neck like a vampire? Is it the sight of a girl wrapped tightly in PVC? Is it the saucy flash of stockings or a garter?

Let's talk about fetishes, baby.

Maybe you haven't discovered your fetish yet. Everyone has them, but some are more outlandish than others. But to find out, we need to explore our sexual interests and boundaries. Sometimes it can be daunting trying new things.

When *some* people hear the word fetish, they think of weird, outlandish freaks who can only get their kicks from deviant sexual behaviour. It's easy to disregard fetishists as perverse - it allows the narrow-minded to shame anything outside of mainstream sexual interest, because they're confused or intimidated by it.

But believe it or not, not everyone does (or has to) fuck the same way.

In reality, a fetish is merely a sexual preference outside of the ordinary.

It's a trigger which has a deeper sexual resonance than anything else. Sure, you might enjoy missionary, you might orgasm on top, but have you ever experienced that eureka moment, when the trigger is pulled, and you're transported to a whole other plane of pleasure? A trigger which flings you from great foreplay/sex to fucking-oh-holy-fuck-incredible-sex?

And who would you rather fuck: Someone who judges or condemns others because of their sexual preference - who might even repress their own sexual urges?

Or someone who has succumbed to their sexuality - someone who wants to completely explore their body and their boundaries?

So I'm starting a new feature on my blog - Interviews with Fetishists.

The aim is to help us all understand fetishes a bit better. There are so many out there (ever heard of giantess porn, animal role-play, human babies, or smoking fetishes?), and every fortnight I'll interview a different person with a different fetish.

Hopefully, we can begin of appreciate and understand that different things turn different people on. And fucking hell, that's cool. We might even learn a thing or two.

If you'd enjoy the chance to talk to us about your fetish, please get in touch at A few interviewees have requested anonymity, which I'm more than happy to do, and I would never betray that trust. 

All beautiful images are from Von Sterling Photography.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum

For most women, it’s all about the shoes. Clothes, yes. Handbags, great. But shoes? It’s a love affair.

I love my shoes. I have more than 101 pairs of high heels and the number continues to rise. I literally cannot get enough. I want them all: studded, sparkly, mid-heel, platform, t-bar, sling-back, peep-toe, you name it.

But there’s still one pair that I crave more than any other. And they’ve got a red, glossy sole.

So when I went to the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the DesignMuseum, I was like a kid (on crack) in a candy store. I zoomed around the shoes with wide-eyes and fingers itching to touch every spike, every frill, every jewel.

It was agony.

So I thought I’d inflict this agony on you too. Because that’s the kinda girl I am.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Louboutin. Enjoy.....


Louboutin is all about the silhouette...
He was influenced by Parisian show-girls who wore high-heels on-stage to elongate their legs.


...Louboutin's key influences are the circus (he has his very own trapeze) and the theatrical Parisian cabaret...

Totally incredible Dita Von Teese hologram.
If there hadn't been three of her I would've thought she was actually there...

...I cannot get enough of this wonderful stuff...

... original sketches by the master himself.....

...During the 80s, Louboutin ditched the fashion and dabbled in landscape gardening...

 ...Spikes and glitter...

The exhibition did my shoe fetish no favours, and I'm seriously considering ditching the mortgage fund and re-directing it to my newly-created Louboutin Fund. Anyone else wanna contribute? I accept cash, cheques, and actual Louboutins.

Thanks in advance!