Tuesday, 25 September 2012

the sex toy stigma

At a house party last weekend, the drunk addled conversation turned to dildos, vibrators, and sex toys.


I told the group how I'd bought my best friend her first ever vibrator. And a girl I didn't know blurted out: "but she's got a boyfriend".




Are vibrators suddenly a substitute for a penis?! For a boyfriend? Or does this mean that women who use them actively choose to be boyfriendless? Or struggle to find one?

I was baffled. But later, it dawned on me that perhaps this is where the stigma about sex toys began.

Most women care what people think of them. Maybe some worry that if they have a sex toy it might say something about them. Something bad. Something like:

"Hi, I don't have enough sex, so that's why I have a vibrator"

Oh how wrong.

Toys should be used to enhance your sex life, not stump it. I mean, how can we expect a guy to know how to please us, if we don't even know what works for us?

Toys can be a stress relief, a way to help you get to sleep - one of my toys even doubles up as a massager. You can use them as much or as little as you like. You can use them solo, or with a partner. My first long-term boyfriend even bought me my first Rabbit (and yes, Sam, I still have it)

So ladies, don't be scared of what a vibrator says about you. We should take courage, hold our toys high, and proclaim the truth!

I'll go first:

"Hi. I love sex and everything about it. THAT'S why I have a vibrator"

Now.. Your turn...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ten Green Bottles

Tonight I was invited to The Conran Shop to help celebrate their collaboration with Gordon's Gin.

The ten green Conran-designed bottles are inspired by the infamous nursery rhyme (although there was a slightly naughtier version making its way around my school..), and are truly beautiful.


The standard green bottles with Conran-designed labels are £14.99, but there are only 200 fabric covered bottles (above), and cost £420 (GULP) from Selfridges.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tube Crush #FAIL

Tube Crush, the seemingly harmless way to perv on sexy male Tube dwellers.

Picture it. A long and lonely tube journey on the Piccadilly Line. A hottie sits down. Bored, I wonder if... Yeah... I could Tube Crush him. Sure. Never done it before, but hey, I know how to turn the flash off my iPhone. I can take a sneaky photo of him. Send it to Tube Crush. Yeah. I'M GONNA DO IT.

So I did it:

And that was it. My debut Tube Crush, submitted without a hitch - Tube Crush even retweeted it and agreed with my choice (obviously, he's a *total* hottie).

But then a few days later, I receive this:

His colleagues had somehow stumbled across my Tube Crush submittal. They'd shown him. They'd laughed. They'd made the poor guy pose in the same position.


I cringed through the rest of my day. Sometimes pausing to joke with his colleagues over Twitter ("busted", "we sent it round the whole office"), sometimes to self-flagellate.

And although I, sadly, didn't receive a marriage proposal (I had planned to live tweet our wedding ceremony), it's a good story. In fact, it's quite possibly the ideal Twitter backfire example, but still, I do have to admire the platform's incredible ability to connect people*

*Until Tube Hottie's girlfriend decided to tweet me too with the hashtag #enoughaboutmyBFplease. What had begun as mega lulz had abruptly descended into mega awkwardness.

But don't worry folks, I shall continue to Tube Crush. You've been warned Tube Hotties.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

New wellies v SW4

Festival season, the wettest summer in recent history, and I didn't have any wellies..

But SpyLoveBuy to the rescue, and soon I had these bad boys, just in time for SW4 Festival.

When they arrived I actually prayed for rain. And thank fuck for the wellies, because it pissed it down. The below photo is when the sun was out for all of seven seconds.

Although these were sent to me by Lois, they're only £18.95 from SpyLoveBuy - blaaaddy BARGAIN!!