Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Interview with a panty fetishist

So what is it that turns you on about panties?

I guess it's the barrier. The idea that beneath the material lies a beautiful pussy and ass... But it's up to me to make the wearer feel comfortable and horny enough to peel them off.

I guess a naughty part of me also enjoys the thought of her having to wear her soaked panties afterwards. The reminder of her climax pressed against her pussy. It's a secret only we know about, as we return to wherever we've snuck off from - be it a dinner party or a night out with our friends..

Do different types of knickers turn you on?

Yes, the diversity of styles and fabrics is a big turn on.. A pair of thin cotton panties might show the outline of her lips. A pair of lacy french knickers might hug her ass. A sheer pair of knickers might be see-through enough to show her pubic hair or ass crack.

What are your favorite pair of knickers and why? Is there a colour / material / style?

For me, there's nothing sexier than a simple pair of white cotton panties. There's something so virginal and pure about them and they feel so soft. It turns me on so much when a girl's wearing such innocent panties when she's with me - particularly when a dark damp patch seeps into the material and becomes almost see-through as she gets more and more wet. I love pulling them down her thighs and feeling the weight of her excitement soaked into the crotch as I discard them.

Does it turn you off if a girl's wearing really ugly granny pants?

I dont think granny panties are ugly but baggy pants are not flattering!

What is it exactly that you like to do with knickers? Is it a girl wearing them, before, during, after sex?

This is going to get graphic! But I love kissing and stroking the outline of the knickers, occasionally dipping inside them to stroke her pussy or ass. I love running my fingers over her crotch, outlining her lips as I feel them swell beneath the material. I love using the soft material to rub against her clit, pushing her lips apart and rubbing against the sensitive bud. I love tasting her through her knickers, sucking her excitement through the material. I love stroking the length of my shaft against the soft material, either stroking between her thighs from tip to base or rubbing the underside of my shaft against her ass crack separated only by thin material.

I've found that my girlfriend and I have both orgasmed from what is essentially dry humping!! The fricton and pressure and intensity of it.

But I like the drama of ripping panties off a girl. Or pulling them roughly to one side if we're somewhere we shouldn't be. A couple of times I've squeezed the sodden panties over her ass crack as she lies on her front after sex, watching her shiver with excitement as she feels her own warm cum trickle down between her thighs... And that's before I even lean down and collect it with my tongue!

Would you ever be turned on by wearing panties? Or is that not part of the fetish?

For me it isn't but I get why some people like it. The taboo, the soft material, the closeness to the fabric where a girl's pussy and ass have been...

How long have you been turned on by panties, and where do you think it came from?

I guess it came from enjoying using my fingers and tongue before I first had sex. I found it exciting to watch her reaction as she came in her panties.

What was your first experience exploring this fetish?

Good question. I think it was an early relationship when I was maybe 15. Sex wasn't an option and I found that I got a real physical pleasure from giving orgasms. I guess this made me explore how much pleasure I got from making her come in her panties so and I found we both got so turned on by it.

Is there anything you'd like to do with panties that you haven't already done yet?

I'd love to "make" a willing girl wear vibrating panties and be in control of the remote! Watching as she tried to keep control!

If you have any additional questions for our panty fetishist, then post a comment!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

#WIWTwaxoff at Ministry of Waxing

Last week, I was invited by Poppy and WIWT to visit Covent Garden's Ministry of Waxing. I was going to be one of the first people in the UK to try their new Gingerbread Wax!

But I was nervous. Waxing can be painful, so I usually always go to the same beautician, the same salon, and have the same treatment. It's been that way for the last 8 years.

Until now..

The salon...

It is so different to my usual salon, which is very traditional - full of faux flowers, soothing music, and product posters. The Ministry of Waxing can only be described with one word - cool. It's underground, with exposed brickwork and funky lighting fixtures. They play awesome tunes, and the beauty therapists are all hot.

But it probably helped that we were greeted with champagne and completely delicious gingerbread cookies...

My beautician...

I had an amazing beautician called Chloe. She honed her skills at the first ever Ministry of Waxing in Singapore, and now trains up all the other beauticians at the London store. She literally knew everything about waxing, from follicles to cell regeneration. I was in very good hands.


It's clearly a priority. I had to use a hygiene wipe before, Chloe wore latex gloves, a (slightly creepy) face mask, and she never double-dipped the wooden spatula into the molten wax.

The Gingerbread Wax...

The Gingerbread Wax is warm, smells yummy, and it hardens on your skin (which feels amazing, in fact). It's then quickly stretched once, then whipped off. A cooling antiseptic pad is placed immediately on top to soothe and close the pores, minimising in-grown hairs.

The pain...

What pain?! I'm fucking serious. I'm not one of those girls that brags about how painless waxing is (Poppy!) - I wholeheartedly admit that usually, it can bloody well sting. But I am still astounded at how virtually pain-free the Ministry of Waxing experience was.

I didn't even squeeze the pain monkey once:


And here we are - the WIWT gang, all freshly-waxed, and super amazed at the virtually pain-free experience.

We each got a great personalised goody bag, full of Ministry of Waxing delights, gingerbread cookies, and beautiful satin knickers.

Then we headed over to Circus, where we had a table booked and a few bottles of Champagne (natch), courtesy of WIWT and the Ministry of Waxing. 

We had an amazing time, I met some lovely ladies, and Ministry of Waxing - you'll be seeing me again very soon!