Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Old makeup: toxic hazard, or money-making con?

I find it so difficult to throw away makeup. Even if its old, and I never use it, there's always an excuse: the packaging is beautiful, it's practically full, it was a birthday present, neon lipstick WILL make a come back. Eventually. Maybe.

But using old makeup is supposed to be bad for you isn't it? Hmmm I'm not convinced.

Apparently, many of us keep eye shadows for 6-7 years, foundation for 4 years, and lipstick for 3 years. Apparently, Old make-up can become a breeding ground for bacteria such as satphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermis, bacterial conjunctivitis, and blepharitis (an inflammation of the eyelid).

I find this hard to believe - sometimes, I use old makeup. I mean, ANCIENT. But have I ever got a big inflamed eyelid, or a skin malfunction? NO! So, who commissioned this study, I wonder? Surprise, surprise, A MAKEUP COMPANY!

The truth is, formulations, preservatives and packaging have developed so much in recent years, that it'd be very difficult to get an infection from old makeup unless you dropped it in a steaming turd, or got the dog to lick it. That's because cosmetics contain preservatives that are designed to prolong the product's integrity.

But to be on the safe side, in 2003, it became compulsory to have "use-by" dates on cosmetics (FYI, it's that little jar symbol with a number on it - for example, '6M' means the product can be used for six months after opening). But cosmetic manufacturers are taking advantage of this law -commissioning studies or sending out press releases that scare monger us into throwing away makeup and buying loads more.

So, f**k you, makeup companies. I'm not going to be part of your sneaky scheme to get me to buy more shit from you. I'll restock when I need to. When it all runs out. When I'm scraping the barrel of my lipgloss. Until my mascara smells funky.

But then again, maybe it's just another excuse to keep hoarding my makeup.

So, what about you: do you pay attention to expiry dates? Do you regularly throw everything away, and restock? Do you have ten-year-old makeup? Confess!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Atrixo event

I'm on a January detox after weeks of festive debauchery, so the Atrixo event last week was just what I needed.

The event was held in the garden area of private member's club, Home House. And it was simply beautiful. Everything was vintage-themed - the tables were covered with pretty lace doilies, candles, roses, antique statues, and Union Jacks.

We had a (late) afternoon tea, with scones, sandwiches, macaroons, cream tea, chocolate mousse.

There were vintage make artists and hair stylists, who transformed some of us into vintage bombshells.

Then we tried our hands at knitting. We all sat about making cute little camomile flowers - chatting like an old school knitting circle full of biddies.

There were fruity cocktails, glasses of wine, and totally delicious hot canap├ęs. It was a foodie's heaven and a dieter's hell!

But we were there to enjoy all of the wonderful Atrixo products. I've been a big fan of their Intensive hand cream ever since my mum introduced me to it years ago. And at this time of year - with the cold weather and a long commute - it's always in my handbag.

There's quite an extensive product range - more than I ever imagined, and I can't wait to try everything out on my cold, chapped, snow-whipped skin!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

what's the subtext of his text?

We've heard it all before:

"He didn't put an 'x' at the end of his text"
"He called me 'mate'"
"He said 'love ya', not 'love you'"
"He said 'see you soon', but how soon is soon? When will I see him again? Who's court is the ball in?"
"He hasn't text me yet. We had a great connection. Why hasn't he text me?"
"He text me! Right, so now I have to wait at least nineteen hours to reply. Yeah?"


It's a conversation that we've all had with at least one of our girlfriends (no porkies - you know it's true!). 

We try to figure out the subtext of his text, the emotion behind every 'x', the meaning behind each emoticon (is that a sexy or constipated face?).

And as a writer, (and a girl, obvz) I have been seriously guilty of deconstructing texts from boys. To me, the written word is full of purpose, meaning, intent. I spend my days crafting words. Words are a big fucking deal. The wrong word can be the nail in the coffin at your appraisal, can give an immediate bad impression in a job interview, can upset a friend or family member in seconds. If your friend asks you if she looks fat, the difference between the teeny tiny words: 'yes', 'no', 'maybe',  is astonishing.

Words are KEY.

And that's why it becomes so easy to over-think, over-worry, and over-analyse. We can't read his mind, but we can read his text.

In reality, however, he's probably not taking a time-out in the toilet to read and re-read your message in order to craft the perfect reply which spans witty, casual, flippant, interested, cute, sexy and intriguing. He's probably just on the bus, or with his mum, or at the pub, or playing Playstation.

So let's all chill out. Sure, we can spend time writing a nice little response. Ask our mates for their input. But as soon as you start outlining a time frame in which to reply, or judging an entire relationship on one strand of text communication, you're in dangerous territory. 

I'm really interested in hearing from you guys on this - girls/boys, are you guilty of any of the above? 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013, here are my resolutions

It's that time of year again. Time to reignite the low self-esteem and crank up the self-deprecation. Basically, we're all fat from Christmas food, poor from pretending to be Santa, and spotty/run-down/full of ulcers after excess boozing.

Then new year comes along and there are three types of people: People who stick to resolutions, people who can't be arsed with it all, and people who never stick to them but make them anyway and then moan about it.

I personally, love New Year's resolutions. I genuinely believe there's no better time to start making positive changes in your life, than at the beginning of a new year. But they have to be reasonable and achievable. 

There's no point in telling yourself: "OK fatty, you've had your fun. Now buy yourself that gym membership, give up the cancer sticks, stop dicking about with the ex, finish your novel, switch careers, take up oil painting, and let's go party in Diet Land". 

That's too much to change in one go.

So every year, I try to give myself goals that I know I'll be able to achieve. Because if I don't, my body will implode, my brain will start to eat itself, and I'll end up sad and depressed with no-one to love me except Ben and maybe Jerry. 

I've managed to stick to all of my 2012 resolutions *cough* except the dream weight one *cough*:

- Visit 3 new countries every year and then by the time I'm 62 I'll HAVE DONE ALL THE COUNTRIES
- Wear SPF every single day. I will be a 90 year old hottie
- Sponsor 5 charities every month and actively take part in at least one campaign
- Achieve my dream weight (because, it wouldn't be New Year without body image self-loathing)
- Keep a daily diary

In 2013, I vow to:

- Keep doing all of the 2012 resolutions - for me, resolutions are lifestyle changes
- Use my sexy new toothbrush and take better care of my teef
- Alcohol detox for the whole of January
- Give up bread and pasta until Hideout Festival (LOL)
- STOP over-eating (I do love a curry, me)
- Take blogging more seriously, and write every single week

I'm feeling fairly confident that I can stick to these. But, aren't we all?

So what are you vowing to do? Quit smoking? Get fit? Stop drunk texting? Share it with the group!