Monday, 29 April 2013

Handmade knitted neon scarf

Say hello to the happiest, loudest, most neon scarf ever made (by me, anyway)..

I'm relatively new to this knitting thing (making one snood, badly, does not make you a pro, I'm told). So this super chunky wool is perfect for a beginner because it knits up really quickly and let's face it, who wants to sit around knitting all day? (She says, knitting all day)

Also it was only £6.95 per ball, and you can't argue with cheap balls. That means it was only £14 for a scarf knitted EXACTLY to my specific scarf requirements. #FTW.

I have to admit, it's a pretty great feeling to wear something you made yourself, and, y'know, didn't find at the bottom of a shop's bargain bucket. Maybe one day I'll be one of those Nannas that knits embarrassing and colourful socks... or Shreddies.

So, if you'd also like to spend your Sunday nights rocking out with The Voice and a ball of wool (trust me, it's addictive... Knitting, not The Voice) then here are some great video tutorials that I used:

Step 1: Cast on and knit
Step 2: Purl
Step 3: Cast off
Step 4: Add tassels

So, get yourself some super chunky wool (yes, that's what it's *actually* called, I'm not trying to sound down with the kidz), some 10mm needles (aka super fat needles), and probably a kidney infection cos you're gonna be sat around for BARE TIME. Especially if you're an idiot like me and started knitting a scarf as wide as a blanket, only to unravel the whole bloody thing 2 days in.

Madison x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: Ciaté nails

I am OBSESSED with the Ciaté nails photography, so much so that I've even made the Colourfoil one my work desktop background. Love it.

Although there was a lot of buzz about the Ciaté Velvet manicure a few weeks ago, I've never actually tried their products (work-related stress has resulted in serious bouts of fingernail chewing) but they look amazing!

My favourite is the Chalkboard mani which launches later this month. From what I can see, you apply a matte black base coat, use the four pastel pens (pink, blue, white, and green), create some funky patterns, and seal it with the matte top coat.

Now there's an incentive to stop biting my nails!

Have you tried Ciaté yet? What's the Velvet mani like? I cannot wait for the Chalkboard version to come out.