Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Browhaus: one month later

Exactly one month ago I visited Browhaus for threading and a colour tweak.

I was so impressed with the results, and I love the new look. And one month later, they're still looking pretty bitchin'. I haven't pencilled them in, or tweezered (yup, that's totally a word), but they're still bold and perfectly shaped.

I cannot recommend Browhaus enough (particularly the wonderful, El). This treatment only cost £20, the results have lasted for ages, and I don't have to worry about sorting them out every morning.

So, have you tried Browhaus? Do you recommend any other treatments? Have you seen long-lasting results too?

Monday, 24 June 2013

sexual shaming

Do you have a fetish? Something a bit kinky? A sexual preference that turns you on more than anything else?

Most of us do.

But just to be clear, I'm talking about the entire spectrum of fetishes - from spanking or strangling, to dressing up like farm animals and playing in each others' muck. No matter what it is, or who you are, it can be nerve-wracking to broach the topic with a lover for the first time.

What does matter, however, is how your lover responds. If they're a good apple, they'll join you. Not sure, but they might give it a go. Not keen, and they'll say "no" in an transparent and caring way.

But what if they don't respond that way? What if they're appalled.. Horrified... Disgusted... Or they laugh right in your face? Then what?

Despite how they've made you feel, you're not weird, or sexually deviant, or perverse*

You? You're awesome. You've shared your deepest desires and dreams with someone. You've been open-minded, sexually explorative. You've been honest and brave.


I know a lot of women and men who are too scared to be open with their partners because they're afraid of how they'll respond. I too have had ex-boyfriends react badly to (even very vanilla) suggestions. It can be humiliating and demoralising.

But if your lover's not open-minded or kind about what turns you on, then maybe they're not Mr/Mrs Right. Let's be honest, are you going to contain or hide that part of yourself for the rest of your life? No. And you shouldn't have to either.

So keep doing what you're doing.

*unless, of course, you quite clearly are. And you're into kids or animals or something.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Review: Trendy nail wraps

Aside from the terrible name, these nail wraps are pretty bitchin.

And when it comes to nail wraps, I've been around the block. There are tons of different brands, designs, and prices, but when it comes to hard wearing and longevity, these Trendy wraps are the ONE.

They lasted 18 days in total, which is better than any other brand I've tried. And they only cost me £3.99 in some bargain shop near me. But you can buy them direct, or on eBizzle.

For those of you who don't know, nail wraps are basically thin vinyl films which stick onto your nail. It's better than varnish because you get awesome designs, cheap, and without having to wait around for them to dry (I'm impatient, aite?). Top application tip: heat the gluey-side of the wrap with a hair dryer to make them super sticky.

So... after 7 days:

After 14 days:

The aftermath of application

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review: Browhaus, threading and colour tweak

I've never had my eyebrows done before. I know, I know! I'm a terrible excuse for a woman! But I always thought my brows were OK, y'know? I mean, they're eyebrows. Their main purpose is to scold other commuters and small children who get in my way...

So I went to the best brow sculptors in the biznits - Browhaus.

Located in Covent Garden, it's a great little salon, with a laid back but professional, friendly vibe. And I had a fantastic beauty therapist called El.

First, was the threading. It's weird. It's basically like a grown-up, mildly painful version of cats cradle. On your face.

But the results were impressive. Those teeny tiny hairs that tweezers miss, gone. And the sore, puffy, redness from waxing, gone. I had beautiful shaped brows in minutes.

Then came the dye. I wanted a really bold look (GO BIG OR GO HOME YEAH), to contrast against my blonde huurr. So I went for the medium brown option. The dye is applied one of two ways: against the hair growth for a subtle look, or with the hair for a bolder look (because it dyes the skin temporarily).

I went for the latter. Natch.


The results are perfect! I cannot believe that I've never had my eyebrows done before - it's only now that I realise how much it can change your whole look.

The colour will fade (duh) but lasts for about three weeks - I'll fill in the colour with an eyebrow pencil - and get them done again in about 5 weeks from now. It only costs £20 a sesh, and with brows like these, who can say non?!S how OLD do I look in the before pic? I'm only 25, I swear!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ann Summers press night

Ann Summers has come a long way. I'm the first to admit that it used to be a bit cheap and tacky. But no more! The Ann Summers you knew when you were 16 is gone!

Good bye expensive funny-fitting bras and garish lighting. Hello expert staff, luxurious fabrics, and undies that fit LIKE A GLOVE.

I should know, I spent £180 in there the other day. That's right, one hundred and eighty good English pounds on smut and lace. Because that's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it.

Don't worry, they're still unashamedly naughty - they have crotchless panties and a sex toy range to moan for. But now, most of their collection is classy and sophisticated. Think delicate lace imported from Paris, think ruched silk to caress the butt cheeks, think friendly experts who measure your breasts by sight.

But don't take my word for it, get into a shop and see the changes for yourself. Here's a sneak preview of what you can expect...

...Parisian lace...

Legs in the air, don't care...

Ninja sex slaves ahoy!