Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: Agadir Argan Oil

I love Argan oil (aka Moroccan oil) - I need it. Because no matter how much conditioner I use - or how often I brush with my Tangleteezer - when I get out of the shower, I always look like a homeless woman who's been dragged backwards through an aggressive, thorny, hair-hating, bush.

There are tons of hair products out there, tons of Moroccan oils too. I've tried my fair share, but Agadir is the best I've found so far.

Unlike others I've tried, it's really thick (like honey), but goes on super smooth, and smells completely, fucking DIVINE.

I had a date the other day, he must've smelt my hair (YES, I'VE FOUND A REAL-LIFE MAN WHO DOES THIS NOT A FICTIONAL ROM-COM CHARACTER), because he told me that he liked my conditioner. I rather smugly replied that it's Moroccan oil, and like a real-life man he had no blaaady clue what I was banging on about.

The sample size I tried - which amazingly, lasted for three washes (buying a full bottle tomorrow)..

The type of knotty nightmare I have to deal with...

Looks like honey (or melted ear wax), but it's hair stuff, honest..

Knotty mess...

Lovely tresses - ahhh..

I picked my sample up at a press event, but I'll be buying the full-size bottle on Feel Unique.

Monday, 29 July 2013

denim knickers #fail

Don’t know about you, but I am SICK to death of seeing women in these skanky, unflattering denim pants.

I’m not talking about short shorts - the ones that flash a bit of cheeky butt cheek when walking up the tube escalators. No, I’m talking about the teeny tiny, iddy biddy, denim shorts which are actually more like underwear.

I simply don’t understand it. They are NOT flattering – almost every girl (who eats) has some cellulite, and there’s nowhere to hide in these tiny denim pants. They’re NOT comfortable – every single girl spends every single 5 seconds pulling them out of their hungry butt cracks. They’re NOT fashionable – looking like an oversized baby in a denim nappy is an epic fashion fail of Tulisa proportions.

But still, there's a denim pants parade this summer – they’re everywhere! I've seen them at Hideout, Wireless, Lovebox, Electric Daisy Carnival, Regent's Park, even down Pentonville road.

Don't get me wrong, I love butts - I cannot lie - but come on girls, lets leave a little to the imagination!

Photo courtesy of my bestie, Emily, who took this when we were at Hideout festival. When your PANTS are bigger than your SHORTS you know you have a problem.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Why do guys name their dicks?

I write some pretty outrageous stuff on my blog, but I don't think about it too much, and off it goes on its trip to Internet Land, la la la la. The only rule I do have is: NEVER mention other people - boyfriends/girllfriends past, present, and future - no matter how minor.

Until NOW.

I just can't quite keep this little nugget to myself: I recently dated a guy who referred to his penis as - brace yourselves - the "worm".

It took 'getting down and dirty' to a whole new level.

Needless to say, it was a massive turn-off and we broke up the following morning (true story, although perhaps unrelated). But it did get me thinking about why some people name their junk. 

It's definitely a gender thing. Women don't name their vagina Coochie, Princess Lala, or Mrs. Bucket (not unless we're heavily intoxicated / joking around with other girls / or happen to be one of the non-existent women who thought the Feminax FrooFroo ad campaign was a good idea)

But WHY. I'm really stuck on this one. Here are a few possible conclusions (but feel free to add your own in the comment section):

- The Penis has a mind of its own, so it needs a name too
- It's very important to the man so needs a respectable title like 'Mr' or 'Junior'
- As a child they were taught to call their bits funny names and this has continued into adulthood
- It's a LAD thing, and it's a funny to tell the LADS about 'Rodzilla' cos they're #LADS
- It needs a name so when it's called it knows when to come (BOOM BOOM)
- Its courteous to know the name of who they're waking up with..

Who knows. 

No, seriously - who knows?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

DIY scrabble nails

No, you're not admiring the work of a profesh nail artiste, I did these (practically perfect, yar) LOVE / HATE nails all by myself. OK, fine, they're a bit crappy, but the sentiment is there.

And once I've mastered the art of writing with my left hand Sophy Robson better watch her back, guuurl!

/\ How they looked after a week on the beach raving it up at Hideout Fest...

/\ Two layers of BarryM in matte white,

/\ Applying Sally Hansen nail art pen in black... Thinking steady thoughts....

/\ Not bad for my first time..

/\ Yeah, pretty shit, whatever.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Interview: with a swinger

They're back: my interviews with anonymous fetishists. Why? Because you lot seemed to luuuurve reading about peoples' fetishes (you dirty, damn perverts). So this time, I've interviewed a swinger, a lover of group sex, wizard master of multiple genitalia.

If you have a fetish and would like to take part, then drop me an email at sexshoppingandchocolate@hotmail.co.uk.

So what is it that turns you on about group sex/swinging?

It's difficult to say really. I think it's the heightened level of passion, with more than one person. I enjoy watching and being watched, and enjoy the closeness of multiple bodies at the same time.

When I've been swinging with a partner - as opposed to just joining a threesome - I love watching my partner with another person. That "out of body" experience - watching her looking at them in the same way that usually only I get to experience - is such a turn on. I can't really explain it, it's a feeling of jealousy, but one that I enjoy.

Image from Touch Us

What’s your favourite part of group sex?

I'm bisexual, so I really like being with a couple or a group of people with a bisexual couple too. Then I feel that all inhibitions are removed - everyone has fun with everyone. In a threesome, for example, I think my favourite situation is being inside the girl, while performing oral on the guy. 

Explain, in graphic detail please, your last group sex encounter...

I was at my friends' flat, a couple - let's call them Gemma and Mike. Gemma started talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, and suddenly the conversation took a kinky turn for the better! They told me how they were thinking about having some fun with someone else in the bedroom, and after a couple of bottles of wine, Gemma made the first move and leaned in to kiss me.

I looked over at Mike who was leaning back in his chair, glass of wine in hand - and he smiled back at me. I took this as my cue, and kissed her deeply, and as our hands began to wander, I noticed Mike start to slide his hand inside his jeans. After a bit of time, she stood up and led me into their bedroom. Mike followed and took a seat in the corner. Clothes were discarded and bodies intertwined. After some time Mike joined us on the bed, and with Gemma in the middle we took turns kissing her, licking her, and fingering her.

He then asked "would you like to fuck my girlfriend?". That question was such a turn on, and I responded by sliding deep inside her. He was smiling and she was kissing us both. The night continued, for quite some time, with Mike and I taking turns in pleasuring and being pleasured by Gemma. It was an exhausting and exhilarating evening!

GIF from Exploring4two

Where do you think your fetish came from?

I think its a very common fantasy for guys to dream of being with two or more girls. In all honesty it was probably triggered by porn.

When was your first experience exploring your fetish? 

It came up for discussion years ago with an ex girlfriend, who was open to trying it. Our first experience was with a mutual female friend of ours. We spent the night kissing and touching but nothing too hardcore! This lead to meeting a couple on the internet, and visiting them at their house. It was my first partner swapping experience, and I loved it. It was so hot hearing my girlfriend screaming in ecstasy - but knowing it wasn't me doing it!

What’s your greatest group sex fantasy? 

I'd love to be tied to a chair in the centre of a room, somewhere like a Swingers Club, blindfolded, and touched all over by strangers.

Do your partners have a problem with your fantasy? Or are they pretty open? Has anyone ever flat-out said 'no' without even trying it?

It can be a difficult subject to approach. I've had some be open-minded, some who loved it, some who wouldn't even try it. But I'd never force anyone to do anything they say they're not interested in.

When I have done swinging or group sex with partners, we have to have the formal chat about limits and boundaries. You have to understand each other before going into it. It can either bring you closer together, or drive you further apart. If you're on rocky ground already it almost certainly won't fix anything.

Have you ever felt weird or embarrassed about your fetish?

I've never felt weird about it - but I've restrained myself from bringing it up if I know its not something they like.

What would you say to the people who say that swinging is only for old people who need something more stimulating sexually?

Don't knock it til you try it! If you're interested or want to try it - don't wait until you're old. There are plenty of young singles and couples doing it - and more are always welcome! If you're in a strong relationship swinging offers an opportunity to meet new people, (and maybe have sex with them) while your partner does the same, or possibly watches you. It really depends on what interests you!

Image from GangBangWhore

Do you use swingers sites, events, or group sex porn sites that you can recommend?

I've met quite a few people through fabswingers.com. As with any website of its kind, there's a challenge finding that special needle in the haystack, but once you do you'll have a great time! 

What’s your favourite porn sites for group sex? Share it with our budding fetishists! 

My current favourite is a Touch Us tumblr. It has a great collection of amateur and pro videos, images, and GIFs.

If you have any additional questions for our secret swinger then comment below!

Madison x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Is porn becoming sex education?

What do you do if you want to find out how to perfect the smoky-eye look? Create a fishtail plait? Learn how to use HTML? Make a purl stitch when knitting?

You might ask someone who knows - a parent, a friend, even a teacher or a colleague. But, increasingly, we're going online to find the answers to our questions.

How do you have sex? Quick, go online to find a tutorial = find porn. It's not surprising that a whole generation of people are growing up, using porn as their main point of reference.

Don't get me wrong, porn can be great. It can be varied. It can be an easily accessible learning tool. But porn is widely driven by men, funded by men, directed by men, targeted at men. So the majority presents only a narrow view of what sex can be like - hardcore. So if it's your main point of reference, it can stunt sexual growth. This is why websites like Make Love Not Porn (a new porn site by women for women), are so important in the fight against this - I NEED MEMBERSHIP!

Imagine this scenario:
Guy wants to come on Girl's face because he's seen it in porn - it looks pretty darn good and the Porn-Girls seem to love it. Can't get enough, in fact. Girl hates the thought of this, but Porn-Girls seem to love it, so she probably should too. Girl allows Guy to come on her face, pretends she enjoys it, secretly hates it, but Guy is none the wiser. They go round and round in circles.

Yes, some of us like it hard: Biting into the headboard. Scratching until drawing blood. Screaming until hoarse. But some of us also like it soft. Intimate, close, with a steady rhythm that builds into an orgasm so strong that it takes your breath away and makes your toes numb.

Hardcore is only one way to have sex. There are plenty of others. What we should be focusing on is great sex - and that comes from experimenting. Mixing it up. Finding out what you both really want.