Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Interview with a pegging enthusiast

Here's my next interview with an anonymous fetishist. WHY am I interviewing people with fetishes? Because you (perverts) seem to ruddy LOVE them.

This time, I'm interviewing a bloke who loves pegging. "What's pegging" I hear you cry? Well, it's when a woman fucks a man with a strap-on dildo. Apparently, (although I do not currently have eye-witness verification) pegging can also be physically pleasurable for the woman due to the stimulation of the clitoris by the base of the dildo.

So, tell us about your fetish... 

I love being touched or penetrated anally - with a finger, a toy, or a strap-on. I love the feeling of it - the pressure of her fingers in my ass while we have sex is a huge turn-on and helps bring me to climax. I like a woman to dominate me in this way. I love to be fucked by women.

You say it's the domination aspect, do you like to be humiliated too?

No to humiliation, I just like a woman to take control.

Is your fetish only receiving anal, or do you like to give as well?

Yes, I enjoy giving anal as well..

When/what was your first experience exploring your fetish for anal play?

It only started when a woman I was dating put pressure on my asshole with her finger during foreplay. When I didn't back off or anything there was a bit of penetration. I loved it so much that I began masturbating with a toy in my ass. Soon after, I bought anal beads.

Is there a particular technique you enjoy?

Just slow, steady, and easy. I'm not into rough anal play. I love it when women ride me with a strap-on. Another great thing is when you're having regular sex and both people have a vibrating toy in their ass. The feeling is something that can't be described - it brings about the most powerful climax for both.

Image from Hetro Butt Boy (LOL)
Can you orgasm / achieve pleasure without pegging or anal play?

Yes, for sure. I don't like to do it every time I have sex or when I masturbate. I like variety.

What’s your greatest anal fantasy? Is there anything you haven't done yet? (eg fisting)

Not really. Fisting is a no-go. But I have started to have thoughts about having sex with a really good looking transvestite.

Do you think you will explore sex with a transvestite? Or will it remain a fantasy?

Probably not because of where I live - there aren't any around here, and I'm not going to travel just for that.

How do you speak to partners about pegging? Do they have a problem with it? 

Some yes and some no... But I'm not ashamed of it. I'm very open so when a relationship turns sexual I just tell her what I like. They either want to do it or they don't.

Do you have any tips for other men on how to broach this topic with a girlfriend/wife?

Just be open and honest right from the start. Sex is no good if both partners are not willing to do what it takes to pleasure each other.

Do you have any top tips for women in their technique of anal play?

Just be gentle. Start slow. Communicate. No one wants to get hurt!

Are there any good sites that you use? Share it with our budding anal fans!

I find good videos on Pornhub.

Image from Nympho 9

If YOU have a fetish and would like to be interviewed anonymously, then please email me at sexshoppingandchocolate@hotmail.co.uk xx