Monday, 21 October 2013

Event: Ministry of Waxing: New Islington salon and Coconut wax launch party

Last week, I attended the Ministry of Waxing's Islington salon launch party.

Getting your punani pruned never used to be a pleasant experience. Then I discovered MOW and I'll never go back to the old beauty salon days. No more naff music, plastic orchids, Phoebe-from-Friends-lowered-voice, or posters of flawless women everywhere.

MOW is cool. Really cool. The salons look/sound/feel more like a Shoreditch nightclub than a beauty salon (but obvz more hygienic and with fewer hipsters). And the new salon didn't disappoint. It looks like the inside of a fucking spaceship, the staff are as brilliant as ever, and the delicious smell of the new coconut wax fills the entire building.

Enjoying the coconut and pistachio cocktails WAY TOO MUCH

New salon yar

Adored the special gifts for all attendees - a hand soap handcrafted by MOW founder, Cynthia

Follow the London Waxperts on Twitter (they offer 24/7 post-wax advice, and I THINK you get 10% off your treatment if you book on social media)

And watch the launch party video to find out more about the salon and for our top first timer tips (also, I'm featured in it so that's pretty cool. For me. And my mum. My mum will be proud):

Monday, 14 October 2013

mmm Galaxy chocolate...

Yes, I am *actually*, really, finally, writing about chocolate! The much neglected topic of my blog is finally getting it's much-needed air-time. Yaaay!

I know, I know. But since I've had "losing weight" on my New Years Resolution list for, oh...y'know, 15 years, I did try to start taking that goal seriously.

And then bloody Galaxy go and launch two new utterly delicious, utterly diet-destroying flavours. Bastards.

I've never been a huge fan of Smooth Milk (WITCH, BURN HER!), but the new Nut Crunch and Honeycomb Crisp are the best thing since, I don't know, Ryan Gosling - NO I DON'T MEAN IT. But seriously, you will literally sell your mother to get one.

And rightly so.

The Honeycomb Crisp is delicious but chocolate is always better with nuts. FACT. And the Nut Crunch bar is honestly one of the nicest chocolate bars I've ever tried - when you first bite into it the chocolate is so soft and smooth, then the hazlenuts and almond pieces are kinda crystalized, and caramel-y, and just fucking brilliant.

Anyway, have you tried them yet? Why not. Do it. Your mouth with thank you. Your arse will not.