Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Event: Durex Embrace Valentine's Lights show

Oh, hi there.
You're looking beautiful today.
So, I've got something to ask..
What you doin' the day before Valentine's Day?
Oh, nothin?
Cool, do you, um....
...wanna hang out?
Maybe see a show...

EXCELLENT. Then you simply must come to the Durex Embrace event this Thursday (13 Feb) to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Durex are putting on a crazy, sensual light / dance extravaganza at Southbank (right by the OXO Tower). The guy who did the light display for the goddamn Olympic ceremonies is working on it. So it's GONNA be good.

It takes place every hour from 6:30 - 8:30, AND if you tweet your Valentine message to #DurexEmbrace you might see it in lights on the Southbank. Uhhh, how amazing would that be? Someone PLEASE declare their undying love for me in massive lights all over the Southbank I would literally explode.

Erhmagerd, I almost forgot - there are some very awesome (SEXY) prizes to be won by visitors:
  • 3 x luxury weekend breaks
  • 6 x Intimate dinners for two at top restaurants
  • 9 x Romantic stays at boutique hotels
  • 6 x Sets of designer underwear
  • Plus lots of fun (probably sexy) freebies
See you there.

I'll be the one in the corner, furiously tweeting #DurexEmbrace and trying to win me a luxury weekend break...

That last explosion visual...
...Is it meant to look like an electrified pink cock?

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